Binghimon, Russell Agee, Dig In Fairfield Recap & "Inside the Headlines" w/ Newsvandal JP Sottile

  • Fri
    Apr 20
    2:00 pm -
    4:00 pm
  • Mon
    Apr 30
    1:00 am -
    3:00 am

Russell Agee

James Moore speaks with Patrick White, aka, Binghimon, about his fundraiser at Morning Star this Saturday for the launch of his new Binghimon Reggae Kitchen on 4th Street. Dinner at 7pm. Music by the Bionghi Boppa Band at 9pm.

Next up, James talks with Russell Agee, founder of "Wealth From The Source" about his life and upcoming seminar in Fairfield. Russell is offering a free introductory talk: "Discover Wealth from the Source" at the Fairfield Public Library on Friday April 27 at 6pm and 7:30pm with an all day seminar on Saturday, April 28.

Then enjoy a recap of the amazing Hometown Rewards program kickoff event at Chautauqua Park from Earthday this past Sunday including brief interviews with sustainability coordinator Scott Timm, Trees Forever founder Shannon Ramsay, Mayor Ed Malloy, Alliant Energy's Robin Sempf, HyVee store director Alan Shank, music of KC & the Pick Up Band, Jefferson County Green Band, & much more.

At 4pm, it's PLANET ERSTWILD regular feature "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile, this week looking at the Global War Of Terror, the sucking sound of the economy, and Pandora's Boxcutter. Not to mention naked Wiccans, talking to yourself may actually be a good thing, and the Academy goes to... Citigroup??? For links to all the headlines, click "Read more" below.

1. The Global War Of Terror
FBI: No Hizballah training camps in metro Detroit
First Man Arrested With Drone Evidence Vows to Fight Case
Family misses flight after TSA screeners target disabled 7-year-old
TSA Screeners Watched Suitcases of Drugs Pass Through Airport
Some Afghan recruits dealing drugs to US military, records show
Pentagon Announces Another New Military Spy Unit
FBI chief in Yemen as drone kills AQAP leader
White House approves broader Yemen drone campaign
Pentagon suspends class for 'inflammatory' teaching on Islam
Obama Has Authoritarian Powers Bush Could Only Dream Of

2. The Economy Doesn't Suck, It Just Sucks For You
Academy of Arts and Sciences Honors Creator of “Too Big to Fail”
IMF doubles lending capacity
Slump Taught Profligate Americans Value of Saving
Home Prices Dip Again: Lowest Since 2002
Housing Declared Bottoming in U.S. After Six-Year Slump
The World Has Little Use For A Suburban American Single Family Home Priced Over $250K
Is the Fed pushing us into another bubble?

3. Pandora's Boxcutter
'Hall of Shame' Calls Out the Terrifying Chemicals in Your Household Cleaners
You Have No Idea What Your Cosmetics Are Doing to You
Study Links Plant Damage to Nanoparticles
DNA alternative created by scientists

Darpa to Troubled Soldiers: Meet Your New Simulated Therapist
World's first robot prison guard

Talking to Yourself Makes You Smarter


Unused e-waste discarded in China raises questions
Where Have All the Viewers Gone?
Porn May 'Shut Down' Part of Your Brain
Religious Belief Declining Very Slowly Around the World
Naked men started flat fire in Wiccan ritual to get rid of negative vibes
Cheap Shrimp, Funded by Human Trafficking and Environmental Destruction
Scientists increasingly question “sustainable” seafood labels
Palestinian Zoo turns to taxidermy to keep show going
Congress Wants to Protect East Coast From Missiles Iran Doesn’t Have
Foreign firms vie for Libya oil industry revival
Crop Insurance Subsidizes Insurance Companies as Much as Farmers
Rural kids, parents angry about Labor Dept. rule banning farm chores

JP Sottile