Music is My Medication

Jazz, Funk, Blues, Folk, Americana, Soul, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Downtempo, Electro
  • Monday 9-10pm
  • Tuesday 5-6pm

Every Tuesday from 5pm-6pm CST/CDT (and re-broadcast every Wednesday 11pm-12am),  Music is My Medication broadcasts live right here from solar-powered KRUU radio. I play a wide variety of music that can be loosely seperated into two catagories: 1) Americana. I'm talking about jazz, blues, folk, funk and soul. And 2) old school hip-hop, downtempo electro and trip-hop, from the 90s 'til today.

I'm usually playing music from my favorite recent albums coming out today, but I'm also not afraid to kickback and listen to some classics. Each week's show has a different theme and I usually post a blog here on KRUU beforehand letting you know what I'm planning.

So if you too need some musical medication to help you through this crazy thing called life--if you're digging what I'm digging and feeling what I'm feeling, then be sure to swing by the KRUU website each week and pick up your prescription. A gift from me to all you music lovers out there.