- 20120418 - Great Taste - Indian Hills, Earth Day, and Bees


www.thedailymeal.comI wish we had more than an hour because there is a lot going on during this week's most delicious 60 minutes on the radio.  So tune in and hang on as we explore the culinary world.  After all, what are we really other than prisoners of taste?

Molly AronicaMolly Aronica, the restaurant editor for The Daily Meal, is recovered from her bout with food poisoning (all in the line of duty).  She's got the inside dish on "GREEN" restaurants in time for the upcoming Earth Day celebration on April 22.

PollinatorOn a more serious note, Joseph Andrew, Iowa's state apirarist, fills us in on the latest developments with honey bee colony collapse disorder.  Several just-released studies focussed on the troubling effects of a particular type of pesticide used all over the country.

During the entire hour we'll see what the skills of the hard-working Indian Hills students have in store for us during their monthly visit.  They always stir up some surprises.