Steve Rideout, John Newton, Phyllis Khare, Emily Swihart, Scott Timm, Anna Bruen & INSIDE THE HEADLINES w/ JP Sottile

  • Mon
    Apr 16
    1:00 am -
    3:00 am

John NewtonSit back and enjoy conversation on a wide range of topics with PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore, another topical & musical safari.

1/ Steve Rideout talks about his company Helios, based in Pennsylvania, which is working on a conversion process for renewable energy applications. 2/ Emily Swihart, field coordinator for Trees Forever, discusses the upcoming Hometown Rewards kickoff, Sunday April 22nd at Chautauqua Park, with project coordinator Anna Bruen and Fairfield sustainability coordinator Scott Timm. Social media expert/author 3/ Phyllis Khare articulately discusses social media. She holds regular free Wed & Fri lunchtime gatherings at her home and is a guest speaker at next weekend's EcoFairfield covering social media for nonprofits. A brief discourse of 4/ Sinead O'Connor discussing the Book of Job with a few of her musical passages. 5/ John Newton, who is offering a free intro to his healing work Thu Apr 19 at FF Public Library, talks about his years in the entertainment industry ("Superman" to "Melrose Place" to "The Mentalist") and years working in the healing arts. His website is

Then it's PLANET ERSTWILD's regular 4pm segment: "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. The Emmy-award winning news producer, historian, researcher, writer and blogger calls in each week from Oakland, CA. Click on "Read more" below to reference this week's headlines.

1. Free Speech Ain't Cheap
KKK mailing renews resolve of Idaho legislator
Catholic Cardinal: A Sin to Cooperate With Obama Mandate
TX minister: Gays will destroy Democratic Party
Atheist Symbol Rejected By Capital One, But Jesus Is Preapproved
US prosecution of fundamentalist Muslim seen as setback for free speech
U.S. filmmaker repeatedly detained at border
These Are The Prices AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Charge For Cellphone Wiretaps
Free-speech group flags First Amendment violations

2. The Economy Doesn't Suck, It Just Sucks For You
Almost Half of U.S. Tax Money Goes to military and Health Care
Taxpayers pay millions to mow lawns of foreclosed homes
Wells Fargo’s prison cash cow
Credit card rates soar for new cardholders
LA Dodgers: A Costly Toy Subsidized by Others
How Wealth Reduces Compassion

3. School's Out (Of Your Price Range)
For-profit education, undeterred
Student Loans on Rise - for Kindergarten
How to Destroy the Educational System

Consumerism and Its Antisocial Effects Can Be Turned On - Or Off

Chinese eat up Zimbabwe’s endangered wildlife
Maryland set to become first state to ban arsenic in chicken feed
Ammonia used in many foods, not just "pink slime"
Did slaves catch your sushi?
Bugs That Transmit 'Silent Killer' Are Biting More in U.S.
Bush Aide Phillip Zelikow Blasts Torture
Operation Midnight Climax: How the CIA Dosed S.F. Citizens with LSD
For Army Troops, Prescription Drugs May Add to Fog of War,0,1291311.story
‘Remarkable Increase’ In U.S. Earthquakes ‘Almost Certainly Manmade,’ USGS Scientists Report
U.S. Aid to Israel Equals $4.9 Million a Day for 64 Years
US Kills 12 in Southern Yemen Drone Strike
Saudi women banned from national Olympic delegation
Sudan mobilizes army as South claims key oil field
Lloyd's of London wary of hunt for Arctic oil
U.S. Oil Imports Down, Exports Up
God Endorsed 4 Losing Republican Presidential Candidates
Millionaires’ Doomsday Shelter Being Built Below Kansas Prairie
JP Sottile