- 20120321 - Great Taste - Indian Hills Students Cook up some Great Tastes!

Indian Hills Culinary StudentsThe third Wednesday of every month is when the Great Taste spotlight shines on the culinary students from Indian Hills.  The passion for their craft radiated by these young people literally explodes off of them.  Want to be inspired?  Tune in.  I always leave the studio full of energy and excitement after hanging around with them for an hour.  It will make you a better cook once you catch some of what they bring to the kitchen.

(Now, for what's cooking.  That's going to be a surprise.  All I will say is that what Curt Goudey said on the last Indian Hills show that he was going to fix, well, that's what he's making.  Will I taste it?  I can't tell you at this point.  Better listen to find out.  Nick Adams is going to bring something a bit more tame.  Whew!) Click Read more below to continue...

Copper Onion(Now, back to the regularly scheduled blog post.)To seize the next level of culinary enthusiasm-appreciation for what goes on in a commercial kitchen-and tips that will make you a better cook, hang out at restaurants where you, literally, can eat in the kitchen.  Find the spots that let you get up close, grab a seat where you can witness the most action, and take it all in. 

NightwoodYou'll probably experience a bit of heat (I have spent a few nights at spots where I wanted to take my shirt off), and that will give you a slight taste of the intense heat these chefs experience for hours every night.  Watch their movements, especially how minimal they are.  Listen to what's said.  See how many times different elements are tasted.  Focus on the way each plate is finished.  Pay attention to the expediting process.  Ask questions if there is a lull, and it seems appropriate.  Most of all, just be the observer.

PagoHere are a few recommendations for some terrific spots to experience this dining intimacy:  Amis-Philadelphia, Pago-Salt Lake City, Copper Onion-Salt Lake City, Nightwood-Chicago, Hearth-New York City.  If you have any other favorite spots to dine up close and personal, drop me an email at greattaste@kruufm.com.

Don't forget to check the Great Taste archives where you can download and listen to past shows whenever you have the time.

Coming up: March 28, Beth Howard will join us in the studio.  Beth's book, Making Piece:  A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Pie, will be published April 1 by Harlequin Nonfiction.