KRUU-FM Co-Sponsor Partnerships - Team Up With A Winner

KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Cosponsor Partnerships
Bring a little sunshine to your next event by partnering with KRUU-FM, Fairfield's grassroots, community radio station, home of the first solar-powered radio station in the Midwest. Broadcasting to the greater Fairfield area at 100.1 FM, KRUU also streams on the worldwide web at with well over 30,000 page visits a month.

Event planners, community nonprofits, and cultural hapsters, here's your opportunity to 'Join the KRUU' and team up with a proven winner, a business on the "forefront of sustainability," according to Iowa Governor Chet Culver. "A symbol for Iowa's vision of renewable energy..." "KRUU-LP is contributing to a greener, safer Iowa."

Mayor Ed Malloy called KRUU's solar power installation last September the first demonstration project of Fairfield's Go Green initiative. "In three short years," he said, "KRUU has surely gained that reputation as being a great voice for all the great community elements, for all the great information being imparted by our community, providing a home and tremendous activity for talent and creativity for all the people who express it through music, through words, through ideas and passions, and just plain fun."

Event cosponsor partners have included FMC (Woodstock!, Motown R&B, and Heart of Country concerts), First Fridays Art Walks (All Things Italian, Bark in the Park, Party in the Park), Farmers Market, David Lynch Foundation events (Beach Boys, Moby, Father Gabriel documentary), Iowa Renewable Energy Association, Center on Sustainable Communities, WOB productions, MUM Eco Fairs, FACC events, Cypress Villages 4th of July fireworks celebrations, MUM Sustainable Living Department events, Vintage Power Wagon Rally, and more.


As event sponsor, you get:

    1/ a respected partner, one that is well-connected throughout community,
    2/ valuable exposure over the airwaves (25 spots), including mentions on AROUND TOWN with Melinda Arndt and a number of other shows,
    3/ alignment with one of Fairfield's independent, innovative, cultural treasures.

As cosponsor, we get:

    1/ to partner with great individuals, organizations, companies, events and causes,
    2/ our name out in the community,
    3/ an opportunity to fulfill our mission of giving voice to Fairfield... and beyond.


For a donation of $100, you receive $400 worth of underwriting acknowledgments [25 spots] aired in rotation through four different weekday time slots: 6am-10am; 10am-2pm; 2pm-6pm; and 6pm-10pm. [Compare that with our standard rate of $20 per spot. See below.]

KRUU offers acknowledgments for sponsorship donations in the form of up to 30-second underwriting spots recorded by our show hosts.

As a non-commercial station, we keep it simple and direct as we are not allowed to make direct calls to action, price comparisons, ticket prices, hard sell. But as you can see by the examples below, your message can be clearly conveyed.

As cosponsor, our logo appears on your posters, flyers, ads, playbills and website. KRUU is given acknowlegment in press releases, with an option to display our banner at your event.

Sample Acknowledgments:

This programming is sponsored by KRUU listeners and the generous support of the David Lynch Foundation and the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, featuring a Labor Day's Beach Boys concert at the Fairfield Middle School. Doors open at noon with opening act The Nadas kicking things off at 12:30pm. Beach Boys start at 2pm. For more information, the website is, and the phone number is 641 472-ARTS (2787). That's the Beach Boys, Labor Day, September 7th at the Fairfield Middle School. Co-sponsored by KRUU-FM.

* * *

This programming is sponsored by KRUU listeners and the generous support of the 22nd Annual Vintage Dodge Power Wagon Rally, this Saturday, June 13th. The trucks parade down Burlington Avenue at 8:30am and park on the square until 11am. The Fairfield Kiwanis are offering a pancake breakfast at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center from 8:30 to 11am--no reservations required. For more information, the number is 472-4665. That's this Saturday morning, the 22nd Annual Vintage Dodge Power Wagon Parade. Co-sponsored by KRUU-FM.

* * *

This programming is sponsored by KRUU listeners and the generous support of Way Off Broadway, Iowa's only professional musical theatre company, presenting Hair - the tribal love rock musical - at the Sondheim Center May 6th through the 9th at 8pm. For more information, the number is 641.472.2787 and the website is "Let the Sunshine in" with "Hair" at the Sondheim Center May 6th through the 9th. Co-sponsored by KRUU-FM.

KRUU's real strength is broadcasting hours of live programming daily with scores of hosts who are really plugged into what's happening locally. We are a living, breathing proactive organization with feelers that reach throughout the community.

If a performer comes to town, hosts often feature the artist's music or relate their own personal stories, as a matter of course. Interviews are set up which you can help facilitate by getting in touch with us. A number of KRUU shows report events such as AROUND TOWN, OFF THE SUBJECT, LYRICAL VENUS, CLASSICAL HOUR, AMERICAN STEW, LOCAL YOKELS, and PLANET ERSTWILD, to name a few.