- 20120302 - Writers' Voices - Khakendra Pun

Khakendra PunKhakendra Pun grew up in Ulleri Village in Nepal. Growing up in poverty, Khakendra dreamed of one day coming to America for a better life. In 1991 his dream came true, arriving in San Francisco and embarking on an entirely new life adventure. In his book "Nueli Cried in the Himalayas", Khakendra tells the story of his life, as well as describing the life of his people, and shows the healing power of kindness, love, and a positive attitude.

He has also created the film "Lost Village in the Himalayas". A film that took him over 7 years to film.

Khakendra is the founder of Project Himalayan Hope, an organization dedicated to helping children's education in his home village of Ulleri, Nepal.