Young Guitarists of 1968

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    Mar 01
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    Mar 04
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Where have all the young guitarists gone? And by that I mean: there don't seem to be very many good young guitarists these days--why the hell not?john cippolina

clapton's guitar

So many of the guitar- ists who are still playing today and are still considered to be great, were just dusting off their guitar cases back in 1968 (the year that I've been reviewing for several months, and which was one of the most remarkable years for music ever).

On this week's show, I'm going to show you the music of the young guns of 1968--in reverse chronological order: I start with the oldest guys like Jimi Hendrix (age 25), John Cippolina (24, above right), and finish with the youngest of the young: Ted Nugent, who was 19! Inbetween, I'll play creative and unique guitar work of Jeff Beck (23), Ritchie Blackmore (23), Eric Clapton (23, whose 1968 guitar is shown above), Peter Green (21), and Todd Rundgren (20). Read more

It's hard to imagine that these creative soloists were so young. Their playing seemed to feel deeper and richer than their tender years. Which again makes one ask: where are the creative young guns today?

Here's what you'll be hearing.

Fabulous Substance

Brandon, I was born and raised in San Francisco and 1968 was the most incredibly profuse and creative year in Rock & Roll. Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & the Holding Company, The Doors, were some of the bands I saw regularly at the Fillmore Auditorium and Avalon Ballroom as well as open concerts at the Panhandle, Golden Gate Park or members of the Dead jamming outside of the KMPX FM radio station with Stevie Winwood's Traffic when they were in town. Or catching the Kinks on a Sunday night or seeing the Jeff Beck Group blow the roof off at the Fillmore. All the bands big and small played there. The Psychedelic period was ALL ABOUT expansion of consciousness and was it ever HIGH, naturally and otherwise. It was all so magical and unending. Wow! Thanks for playing this great music. Keep bringing it on.


thanks. it was awesome that you were at the heart of the most creative wave of music. hopefully you caught my "1968 San Francisco" show a few weeks ago.

i'll do some more music from 1968--even though i've spent about 7 weeks giving an overview--because was just such a creative explosion. but i don't want my show to be seen as an "oldies" show, so next week will be some fascinating and creative music from 2011. after that: i'll continue my 1968 music scene.

here's a question for you: what was the most creative year musically? i'd have to consider the years 1967-1971, but also include 1983 and 2010. what's your vote?