Pirate Satellite

  • Sat
    Feb 18
    10:00 am -
    10:00 am

BGM by YMO album coverSaturday morning hear music from Pop Fiction- New Crime Jazz, including William Orbit, under his early moniker Strange Cargo, and Grantby, who coolly samples John Barry's James Bond. Hear Al Ghromer Khan, from Space Hotel; Audio Deluxe sample Ennio Morricone's Once Upon A Time In The West. Classic electronic music from the 1981 album BGM by the Japanese trio YMO, (Yellow Magic Orchestra) who included Ryuichi Sakamoto (soundtrack music to The Last Emperor, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, The Sheltering Sky, & more). Hear from the compilations Abstract Vibes 2 and Excursions In Ambience. Also from Vangelis one of our faves. We'll post the playlist afterward. -Broadcasting from the cornfields of Iowa, we're Pirate Satellite-

Chef- Hey Captain I wanna get some mangoes.

Willard- Alright just don't go out there by yourself. You don't wanna go in there alone. Not unless you really know the territory.

Lance- Any poisonous snakes around here?

Chef- _ _ I'm gonna go get some some mangoes. - Apocalypse Now