Hamster Boxing Title Match

  • Sun
    Feb 19
    11:30 am -
    12:00 pm
  • Mon
    Feb 20
    2:30 pm -
    3:00 pm

Title MatchThe Hamster Boxing Title Match

between Rafael "Boom-Boom" Valesquez

and Edward "Bazooka" O'Brien

has been postponed.  

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled poetical rant:

Grey and Blue



steps to the mirror where you

see your first grey hair.

black book, grey book,

white book, you.

The van’s radio

Would be tuned to the news, dark and grey,

The president pacing in the oval office

And turning to his aid, “We’re

Having prime rib tonight, right

Bill?  Tell them I want half a

Baked potato and some cottage


Shadows of cadet blue

Blue cord

from baby to mother

crystal blue and unending stream

they are

blue glass

beads strung on a glowing

copper wire


bottles, blue

call us Hambone Bacon’s Blues



The blue-green ocean

out of the blue

cleaning floors and separating

Hardware into 2 blue plastic buckets

rumbling, the blue; she let me nuzzle into her clean grey fur which smelled like pine needles and fresh snow. 

Some quarreling jays complete the view

There would

Be the sun and the blue, blue