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The music of 1962 was overtly mellow at the time, but now, with 50 years of hindsight, there are some surprising and radical gems to be discovered.isley brothers

First is the classic "dance" tune: David Rose's "The stripper"--music to strip paint by. Bob Dylan released is first album, which contained the semi-original "Talkin' New York." At the time he was just a kid singing old folk songs; hard to imagine he'd be creating a new genre of music in a few short months.

Surf music was getting underway. The Beach Boys were at the heart of it, and one of the twangy, surfy guitar songs from that year was The Gamblers' "LSD-25." Who knew that that substance was at the heart of surf music?

And don't forget the original--and in some ways better--"Twist and shout" by the Isley Brothers [pictured].

The fascinating playlist is here: 1962 tunes.