- 20111130 - Great Taste - An Interview with Paolo Di Croce of Slow Food International

Paolo Di CroceOur show this week deserves a critical listen by anyone concerned with the future of the food we grow and consume

We'll talk with the Executive Director of Slow Food International, Paolo Di Croce, who is also the President of the Committee for Terra Madre.  Terra Madre is the arm of the international Slow Food organization comprised of an "...extensive network of people working towards the creation of a good, clean and fair model of food production and consumption. Joined together in food communities, the network brings together sustainable farmers, fishers and food producers with cooks, teachers involved with school garden and canteen projects, academics, researchers and experts, students and other youth." 

Terra MadreDecember 10 has been designated as Terra Madre Day by Slow Food and organizers around the world are planning to set up over 1000 events in more than 100 countries.  The thrust is to celebrate local food and focus on the organization's vision of a world where both the production and consumption of food is sustainable.

We'll discuss some of the planned activities with Paolo, and learn about the initiative, A Thousand Gardens in Africa.  Also, Paolo will share his perspective on where Slow Food has come from since Carlo Petrini started the non-profit association in 1989. 

Lonnie Gamble, local Slow Food convivia president and Assistant Professor of Sustainable Living at MUM, will share what's being planned locally along with presenting the latest news on other related projects.  Lonnie and I have both attended the International Slow Food gatherings that are held every other year in Torino, Italy.