- 20111116 - Great Taste - Thanksgiving

Baking MessThanksgiving comes once a year.  Too bad there is always such a mess that's created during the furious preparation for that quintessential "eating" holiday.  All that cooking and baking takes plenty of measuring cups, bowls, the Cuisinart and other items. The good news is all the deliciousness that comes out of that mess.  

Truth is cooking always means cleaning. Good cooks clean as much as possible as they move from one step of preparing a meal to the next.  The results are the cooking area is less cluttered, prep goes quicker, and the final cleanup is less grueling.  Or if you are lucky to live in a multi-person household, perhaps "kitchen rules" work in your favor?  If you cook, you don't have to clean.  I love that one.  Unfortunately, it doesn't always hold up.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is on the horizon so Great Taste listeners are in for a show featuring the culinary students from Indian Hills.  Also, I am turning some sweet potatoes into a delectable dish plus Kathy will contribute a little something sweet or savory to the occasion. Our fabulous fan, Lillian Darr is baking a special dessert so, as usual, it's a show not to be missed.  A trip to the studio for locals will leave you swooning for more.  I promise.