- 20111102 - Great Taste - FoodCorps-Volunteers Making a Difference

Des Moines Junior High Students with FoodsCorps Volunteer

Inspiring is the essence of our show this week.  We'll talk to two Cecily Upton, Co-Founder, FoodCorpspeople committed to making our country a better place through educating and introducing practical programs involving healthy food and food nutrition into public and private school systems.  Please tune in to find out about this tremendous organization that evolved from the international organization, Slow Food.

Cecily Upton is a Co-Founder and Program Director for Sites and Service at FoodCorps, a service organization which recruits young leaders for a year of public service improving school food. Prior tFood Corpso founding FoodCorps, Upton managed Youth Programs at Slow Food USA, launching the Slow Food on Campus program, building opportunities for youth to engage directly with food system advocacy, and supporting school garden and kids cooking programs across the country. Upton is a successful photographer, an avid bike polo player, and aspiring urban homesteader. She works from her home in Portland, Oregon.

Mauricio Rosas-AlvarezMauricio Rosas-Alvarez will join us in the KRUU studio.  Mauricio is a FoodCorps service member serving in Des Moines.  As a newly minted culinary and nutrition graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Mauricio wants to spread his interest in, and passion for, food and cooking. But he also wants to spread awareness of farming and nutrition, two central aspects of the food landscape that Mauricio believes are too often neglected and misunderstood. He wants to understand what goes into the production of food, and thinks it’s imperative that today’s youth do too. He is presently teaching three schools with the Pick-a-Better-Snack curriculum, developing and implementing two garden- and cooking-focused after-school programs, developing and tending school gardens for the Des Moines Public School District, and identifying procurement opportunities for classrooms and cafeterias.

Kathy will cook up something tasty, definitely not your typical school lunch fare.  Stop by for a taste if you are in the neighborhood.