- 20111026 - Great Taste - Food Photography 101 with Carolyn Waksman

Fresh Salad

Carolyn Waksman

I love taking pictures of food.  Anyone's food.  On a street cart, in a pan, in someone's mouth, on my plate-food entrances me.  One problem-I'm not too good at it.

One day I decided to take a photography class from Carolyn Waksman.  Maybe I could learn a few things; possibly take better pictures.  A whole new world opened up to me, and what was really fascinating is that it's no different than cooking. 

"Photograph with your mind and heart," Carolyn said.  "Nourish the viewer."  "A good picture stays with you (as does a good meal).  Nothing you can add or subtract to make it better."

I was in the right class with the perfect teacher.  On GREAT TASTE this week get your camera ready because Carolyn is going to present a brief, but wide-ranging introduction to photography with an emphasis on using that lens to capture your food memories.

Our discussion will include how to treat the subject of your shot, and what it needs to say, the law of thirds, elements of design, and hints for taking shots when you are in a restaurant setting.

I strongly suggest you have a piece of paper and writing instrument at your disposal to capture the basic principles. Of course, you can always check back in the archives and listen or download the show at a later date.

PopcornCarolyn Waksman has been teaching photography for 10 years.  Her students have won over 200 awards.  In 2006 she was presented the National Honor Roll Outstanding Teacher Award.  “The award recognizes educators who have made a positive difference in their student’s lives. The NHR believes that the future is in the hands of our children and that teachers who help their students reach their full potential make the greatest contribution to society.”

In case you thought the show couldn't get any better, it will.  Kathy is making dessert.  Whether it's a pumpkin cheesecake or some type of fall pear extravaganza we'll have to wait and see.  She's not telling.

Great Taste streams at kruufm.com.  If you happen to be near the studio, please come in and hang out with us.  We'll look forward to seeing you, and maybe take your picture!

Note:  I took the food photos.  Carolyn's are the really nice looking ones :).

SprayWhat Carolyn's Students Say

Thanks so much. I will never look at another picture in the same way :). I went back to look at my favorite photos at home, and now know why, and what could be better. I come from 3 generations of photographers, and this is the first time I have gotten hooked!

Beach BirdsThe workshop did change my life.   Not just the techniques, so clear and straightforward, about how to get good shots, from garden variety to specialty, even night photography.  Not just the composition guidelines and superb examples, so I can now recognize a good photo when I see one, better yet know why, and get plenty of them myself.  Not just the immediate minitrips to town or the park to take photos we just learned theory about.  And definitely not just the incredibly fun places we went and the superb models Carolyn arranged.  Nor the critiques, immensely valuable for building savvy as well as confidence.    I learned how to look at life differently:   pick a strong subject, get up close, and stay with it, really look, and see rich possibilities in everything.  Best of all, I learned to love trying.   I got so much more than just photography!   I have found few teachers like Carolyn, so well grounded in their subject, utterly prepared, beautifully generous, and amazingly capable of bringing forth every single person's best.