- 20110907 - Great Taste - Chef Matthew Kenney with easy Raw Food recipes for Everyday Eating

Everyday Raw ExpressIt's been a couple of months since I started incorporating more raw foods into my diet as a result of our vegan/raw challenge on Great Taste. I'm definitely not on the "this is amazing and you have to do it" bandwagon for raw foods, but I have noticed significant and positive ongoing beneifits from the adjustments I made. 

Breakfast turned out to be the focal point for me.  My routine went from eggs, toast, cheese, and other standard American fare to fruit smoothies or whole fruits and manna bread.  That switch has meant less cravings, elimination of snacking before lunch and more mental clarity.  Because of those results and a determination to eat lighter and add a raw element at lunch and dinner I've also lost some excess body baggage.

That makes me even more excited to welcome Chef Matthew Kenney back to Great Taste this week.  We're going to explore his new book, Everyday Raw Express-Recipes in 30 minutes or less.  Matthew's food story is pretty extreme as he went from being a highly visible celebrity chef with several restaurants on the Manhattan dining scene to eating and cooking raw.

Kenney was named one of Food and Wine's 10 Best New Chefs in America in 1994.  Today, Kenney is the author of numerous raw food cookbooks, founded the first and only licensed raw foods academy, which is located in Oklahoma City along with his restaurant, Matthew Kenney's OKC (named by Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 new restaurants in 2010) plus is directing a multitude of other projects designed to raise the food consciousness and improve the health of everyone.    Check out his presentation at a TEDx conference last year here.

He's happy to interact with our listeners during the "live" hour on Wednesday from 7-8 PM CDT.  If you have a question for Matthew, drop us an email at greattaste@kruufm.com before the show.  We'll try to get all the questions answered.  Better yet, come by the studio for some raw food delights and talk to him yourself during our phone interview.


A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, Matthew Kenney started his career 20 years ago being named one of the Ten Best New Chefs in America by Food and Wine Magazine. He has received two James Beard Nominations for Rising Star Chef in America. He is the author of several cookbooks, including Raw Food Real World, Everyday Raw and Entertaining in the Raw.

After accompanying a friend to a “raw vegan” restaurant, the course of his life – and the health of a multitude of other people – changed forever. Despite Kenney’s diet becoming more and more focused on vegetables over time, he hadn’t fully considered making a full transition to healthful food. Though hesitant at first, he not only found this raw meal enjoyable, but was struck by the mental and physical clarity found upon dining. Almost instinctively, Chef Kenney came to the realization that his mission as a chef was to introduce more people to the benefits of a raw, vegan lifestyle. This switch to innovative Raw Food cuisine altered his entire way of cooking, eating, and living.

Matthew Kenney Cuisine promotes healthy living with ventures in New York, Madrid, Florida, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – where he launched his most ambitious project to date, the highly acclaimed raw food restaurant and academy, Matthew Kenney OKC and Matthew Kenney Academy. Heading to the Midwest on his quest to help people solve obesity and find wellness seemed like the perfect challenge – to change American eating habits from the inside out – and help spread wellness one bite at a time in the country’s most unhealthy region. Matthew Kenney OKC was named one of America’s Best New Restaurants by Forbes in 2010.

Matthew Kenney Academy boasts the first and world’s only state-licensed culinary school with an emphasis on raw and vegan cuisine, and has already hosted hundreds of students from 18 countries, sending health-focused, plant-based chefs into the battle for a healthier, more sustainable world.