- 20110906 - Gravel Road Radio - Butch Hancock

Butch HancockGravel Road Radio is honored to interview Butch Hancock, the West Texas native songwriter, who along with friends and fellow Texans Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Joe Ely, founded the legendary trio, The Flatlanders.  Hancock graces Fairfield with a rare appearance at Cafe Paradiso, on Sunday, September 11.


With lyrics more influenced by the poetry of the West Texas landscape and a sound more rough hewn than that of commercial country music, Hancock moved from Lubbock to Austin in the ‘70s, where he helped shape a “new” genre of music that has taken many names over the past few decades: Progressive Country, Alternative Country, Americana,  and Insurgent Country.  But what all of these names are attempting to capture is something Hancock has always done in his songs: honoring the rural influence on song writing that has existed as long as we have been a country while not falling prey to the overly produced, rhinestone-wearing, mindless flag waving, saccharin lyric driven music that is modern pop country music.  Hancock writes music more in the vein of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie than Brad Paisley and Keith Urban, and as a result, has garnered a highly respected place in the storied history of Texas song writing.