- 20110727 - Great Taste - VEGAN/RAW CHALLENGE WRAP UP WITH SPECIAL GUEST Chef Matthew Kenney

Red Beet RavioliIt's been a very interesting two weeks for me as I started the Challenge a little earlier than our Great Taste listeners.  Those of you who tuned in for the introductory show a couple of weeks back know how skeptical I was.  Several times I said there was no way I could stand drinking my breakfast (smoothies) every morning.  I needed something substantial that I could chew.  OK, I don't.  What a revelation.  I love the smoothies.  They make me feel alert.  My need to snack has been tamed.  I can happily say I was wrong.  Now, does that mean I've been converted to vegan/raw foods?  No, but I do plan to continue integrating a lot more raw food into my daily diet.   For my physiology, it seems to work.  That's all I can really say plus I like the clean flavors (and I've lost some weight). 

I would be very interested to hear from all our Vegan/Raw Challenge participants.  What did you do, learn, experience?  Let us know by sending an email to:  greattaste@kruufm.com.

Raw wrapOur group of vegan/raw consultants will be back in the studio Wednesday night to present some more interesting foods and information.  If you have any questions for them, send in an email or come by the studio.  I thought it was pretty funny last week when the culinary students from Indian Hills, who had just returned from two weeks in Spain where they were cooking "snout to tail" among other things, all had the chance to experience Kathy Matarra's excellent raw vegan dishes.  The diversity of food and the food experience is a gift to treasure.


Carrot Cake PieAnother exciting element to this week's show is an interview with chef Matthew Kenney.  Kenney was named one of Food and Wine's 10 Best New Chefs in America in 1994 and had several stellar restaurants in New York City.  Today, Kenney is the author of numerous raw food cookbooks, founded the first and only licensed raw foods academy, which is located in Oklahoma City along with his restaurant, Matthew Kenney's OKC (named by Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 new restaurants in 2010) plus is directing a multitude of other projects designed to raise the food consciousness and improve the health of everyone.  Because of a prior commitment we are only going to spend a few minutes with him this week, but on August 31 he'll stick around for the whole show and answer your questions.  Check out his presentation at a TEDx conference last year here.

The wonderful food that adorns this blog post is all raw.  It was prepared by one of our consultants, Isha Kinger, and eaten by me.  Delicious!

All the info you need to undertake your own vegan/raw challenge can be found at the top of the KRUU home page.  It will disappear in a few days so if you need a copy we'll be happy to send it to you.  You know the email:  greattaste@kruufm.com.

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