- 20110706 - Great Taste - Starting a Food Business from Scratch and What to Cook to Impress a Girl!

Cosmic MintAnother delicious show is set for this week's version of Great Taste.  Barbara Yeager joins us in the studio.  Normally, she resides in Boulder, Colorado where she's engaged in creating all organic raw cacao bites with names like Heart Throb, Cosmic Mint, and Naked.   Her Life Openings chocolates are made without dairy, soy or gluten and sweetened with a low glycemic agave.

But Barbara's real story for Great Taste listeners is how she is building the business.  When you create a food item with the characteristics of Life Openings Chocolates and want to make it readily available to the health-conscious segment of the public, there is only one major company that can really make that happen-Whole Foods Markets. The toils, terrors and triumphs of starting a food business from scratch from a woman who swore she would never do just that on this week's show.
Also, how to enhance the eating environment during college life, and spice up the dating scene from Adam Scherr. Adam began cooking at a young age with his mother who was a passionate, and accomplished "home chef". He learned to appreciate the true importance of quality food after going away to boarding school beginning in 8th grade. At school he came to understand that the only way to ensure you will always eat well is to cook for yourself. He enjoys traveling, surfing, cycling, and of course cooking.

Before graduating from the University of Vermont in 2008 with a degree in political science he amassed a wealth of knowledge about throwing dinner parties in contrast to hitting the eating dives readily available in Stowe. He's happy to pass along his kernels of wisdom and will recreate one of his classic dishes during the show.

Originally from Washington D.C., Adam spent most of his educational career in New England. After college, Adam worked for NativeEnergy which specialized in helping companies to identify and reduce their carbon footprints. Also, he's worked in other industries ranging from international ecotourism to political campaigns. Currently, he's eating and cooking in Fairfield.

A few other interesting tidbits will find their way into the show.  Don't miss us, but if you do, catch the replay Friday morning at 7 AM CDT on the stream at kruufm.com.

One more piece of info:  Barbara will be doing some chocolate tastings at Everybody's. We'll have the times on the show. For the latest about her cacao delights check out this info from her website:

Naked Chocolate

Wow, I hope you are excited as I am about the arrival of my latest chocolate, Naked Chocolate. It’s all organic, raw cacao; nothing else. No added sweetener, no salt; nothing. Get creative, or just melt it, and add your favorite sweetener. Or, you can chop it up, and add it like chocolate chips to your favorite ice cream.

What a great way to get the most out of what chocolate has to offer: the highest antioxidant, high in magnesium, iron, and of course the amino acids (phenylethylamine and arginine) that cause the brain to release endorphins and the same chemicals that get released when we are in love. Oh my!! And, of course, this is the best way to eat it - pure and simple (nothing added). The best part is that it’s less expensive than any of my chocolates!! Why? Because I don’t have the labor costs.

More and more, I read that doctors are recommending we eat chocolate every day, to help prevent heart disease. I do. I have a chocolate shake (with dates and home made almond milk) every morning/day.

I recently heard (hearsay, at this point), that chocolate is good for the liver. How does it get any better than all of this?!!