Marianne Dietzel discusses "Laughing in a Waterfall"

  • Fri
    Jul 08
    1:00 pm -
    2:00 pm
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    Jul 11
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    9:00 am

Marianne DietzelThis week's Writers' Voices features a very touching conversation with Laughing in a WaterfallMarianne Dietzel. Marianne is the author of "Laughing in a Waterfall: A Mother's Memoir". The memoir recounts Marianne's emotional and spiritual journey following the death of her daughter, Nina. After the accident, with a teenager and young child still at home, and a dying mother 500 miles away, Marianne’s finds help from her spiritual and community resources. The book shows ways to create a new culture around the threshold of death and keep a living connection to those on the other side.

Since her daughter’s death in in 1996, Marianne has become a hospice bereavement coordinator. She plays music for healing on the lyre as a Certified Music Practitioner and educates families in caring for their own deceased.