Little Grey Girlfriend - Featured Artist on Lyrical Venus 6/28!

  • Tue
    Jun 28
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am
  • Sat
    Jul 02
    5:00 am -
    6:00 am

Little Grey GirlfriendBroken wanderer, open to it all
Happy in your soul
If it is not written in the stars
Write what you know
~ Lovesick for the World, Little Grey Girlfriend

Mash up a foundation of classical training with years of honing a pop sensibility, mix in a generous portion of creative originality, a splash of quirk and top it off with the liquid silver of Erika Lloyd's voice and you get one of Brooklyn's more unique indie bands - Little Grey Girlfriend.
Bringing to mind other stylistic trailblazers like Regina Spektor, Bjork and Joanna Newsom, more for a sympatico of fearless approach and extensive range than a similarity in sound, Little Grey Girlfriend is ready to take their show on the road this summer.

Tune in at 9am to hear a feature set of music by Little Grey Girlfriend and stick around for the rest of the hour for more great music by women from all over the map. Check out Lyrical Venus for a full blog interview with Erika.