- 20110622 - Great Taste - Queen of the Sun and Wildly Affordable Organic

Sunflower with Bee


Taggert Siegel

We have an amazing show lined up for you this week.  Our first guest Taggart Siegel is the director of Queen of the Sun:  What Are the Bees Telling Us?  Taggart was the acclaimed director behind the recent documentary The Real Dirt on Farmer John which told the true story of John Peterson, a farmer near Chicago who through a series of misfortunes ended up developing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that serves 1200 families.  

The award-winning Queen of the Sun will be shown in Fairfield this week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Arts and Convention Center.  It opened to critical acclaim two weeks ago in New York and had its Los Angeles premier last week.

From the Website:

Queen of The Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? is an in-depth investigation to discover the causes and solutions behind Colony Collapse Disorder; a phenomenon where honeybees vanish from their hives, never to return. Queen of The Sun follows the voices and visions of underrepresented beekeepers, philosophers, and scientists around the world, all struggling for the survival of the bees. While other bee films focus exclusively on commercial beekeepers, this film emphasizes the biodynamic and organic communities who have differing opinions from many commercial beekeepers and are overlooked in other films.

Wildly Affordable Organic

The second half of the show features Linda Watson, author of the newly published book, Wildly Affordable Organic.  Linda has been our guest before and is the founder of the blog "Cook for Good."  She has been teaching people for several years how to eat healthily and in an environmentally-friendly manner for $5 a day or less.  No joke.  We'll get the real scoop from her and some recipes too.

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