- 20110610 - Writers' Voices - Suzanne Taylor

The crop circles phenomenon has fascinated and baffled many people for years. On this Writers' Voices, host Monica Hadley, What On Earth?along with "Filmosopher" Bruce Miller, delve deeper into this topic through a discussion with filmmaker Suzanne Taylor. Suzanne never intended to become a filmmaker, but through witnessing crop circles and finding they filled her with wonder and joy, she was overcome with a desire to share the experience with everyone. Her film, "What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery", speaks with a wide range of crop circle researchers and aficionados, from visionary artists, philosophers, scientists, educators and farmers, who discuss their thoughts and theories about this phenomena. With no theory presented as "correct", the film allows the viewer to decide for themselves what they think. The film has recieved several awards and positive reviewers from The New York Times and Rosie O'Donell.