- Tanner & Moore - 20110609 - DGS 2 - CEEE - Higby & Nordmeyer

dreamgreen  Iowans making a greener tomorrow... today.

James with Pat Higby at UNI in Cedar Falls

 Join co-hosts Stuart Tanner & James Moore Thur, June 9th at 7pm (rebroadcast Mon at 7am), as they journey across the state in a 20-part radio series, each week highlighting Iowa's innovators, cutting edge projects, and communities leading the way in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency.

This week the focus is on the Center for Energy & Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls with energy educator Pat Higby and the Iowa Energy Center with executive director Kevin Nordmeyer, the architect for the CEEE, Iowa’s first modern sustainable building built in 1992. Higby has served on the boards of the Iowa Renewable Energy Association and Iowa Power Fund.

Follow the journey at www.greeniowa.org. Simple as that.