- Tanner & Moore - 20110602 - DGS 1 - Des Moines - Cownie, Hentzen, Stone

Monica Stone & James Moore

dreamgreen  Iowans making a greener tomorrow... today.

Lynnae Hentzen & Stuart TannerKickoff show of the 20-part Dream Green Series on solar-powered KRUU-FM, Fairfield, Iowa's grassroots community radio station. Co-hosts Stuart Tanner & James Moore travel the state to explore green initiatives, innovators, educators, cutting edge projects and communities who are leading the way toward a more sustainable, energy efficient future. Follow the journey at greeniowa.org. Funded in part by a community grant from the Iowa Power Fund.

Featured interviews this week include Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, an advocate for green initiatives here and abroad, Lynnae Hentzen, a founder of the Iowa Center on Sustainable Communities, and Monica Stone of the Iowa Office of Energy Independence.