- Great Taste - 20110504 - Taiwan Food

We're going somewhere we've never dared venture before on this week's show-Taiwan.  I don't know how you feel, but my normal thinking about Asian restaurants is "I must be missing something."  So many of them serve the same food found on menus that look almost exactly the same, and read like they all came from the same copy machine.  Rumors always abound, from those in the know, that the best Asian food is only a language barrier away in many spots.  I know that to be true, sort of.  Many years ago, my wife and I walked into a spot in San Francisco I had carefully researched prior to beginning our trip.  The place was huge and completely filled.  We were the only Caucasians, the menu was not in any language I could read, and no one admitted that they spoke English.  I said "vegetarian" to our waiter and we had an amazingly satisfying, delicious and unknown meal.  In January I was in the Philly suburbs and spotted a place while cruising online that purported to serve "real" regional Chinese specialties if you ordered off the non-English part of the menu.  I stuck to the dishes recommended by several Yelp reviewers, and another completely wonderful and simple meal was the result.  Finally,  in March I was in Chicago where I had dinner at Three Happiness (careful there are two-one across the street from the other), which I wrote about in a previous post.  Don't go there if your looking for a romantic spot, but definitely a place to have "down home" Asian food.

Not possessing a real grasp of this type of cuisine, I hope my experiences and beliefs that I was eating "true" Asian dishes were valid.  On the show I won't have to worry as our food is going to be made by a native of Taiwan and her American friend, who happens to have adopted the culture, language, and food of that small nation.  On the menu we'll have sesame noodle, bean cake, three-plate chicken, and tomato with miso sauce.  I can't wait.

Web Editorial Director for iPhone Life magazine, David Averbach, will join the street party.  David's dish is the inside scoop on food apps for the mobile lifestyle many of us live.  There is a plethora of apps available (26 on my phone), but which ones are really easy to use and provide needed information in a pinch?  We'll explore Zagat, Yelp (not just for food), Epicurious, Fooducate, and Google Places plus some others. Also, there will probably be the usual digressions and inanity throughout the hour.  You really should stop by if you are in the neighborhood.  Otherwise, catch the live stream at kruufm.com or you can find us on  the rebro Friday am at 7 CDT.