- 20110422 - Writers' Voices - The Book as Art Form: A Discussion with Artists Betsy Dockhorn, Toni D'Orr and John Stimson

This week's features a very special Writers' Voices. Local artists Betsy Dockhorn, ToniBOOKS D'Orr, and John Stimson will all be guests to discuss the Book as Art Form.

Betsy Dockhorn will discuss her ongoing writing-based performance art project involving letters. Toni D'Orr, who creates meticulous tiny handmade books, will discuss her art. Both Betsy and Toni are involved with The Center for the Book, located in Iowa City. They will discuss what the Center for the Book is, what it does, and more. Also joining the conversation will be local artist John Stimson.

Don't miss this delightful conversation exploring the past, present, and future of the book!