Black Oil by William Kemmett

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    Apr 24
    10:30 am -
    11:00 am
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    Apr 25
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    2:00 pm

Black Oil

There was in the 1980’s (and perhaps there still is now) a place in Montpelier, Vermont called Julio’s. I guess you would call it a Mexican café; they were known for a hefty plate of nachos back then and any kind of drink you’d care to order. I remember sitting at a table with a group of young poets, short story writers, and novelists.

Before long Bill Kemmett came in and sat down at a table very nearby with a small group of friends. He ordered a tall glass of port with a second glass filled just with ice. Bill Kemmett was fond of port, and, I think still is. His drinking had an air of ritual about it. He smiled at the spirits in the goblet before pouring some in the glass of ice. And then, after a few moments, he would drink the chilled wine, closing his eyes.

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