- Planet Erstwild - 20090818 - Ed Malloy, Lois Hunt, Grover Stock & Bob Ferguson on the SLC

Thursday August 20 at 1pm, join host and station manager James Moore as he discusses in detail the Sustainable Living Coalition's upcoming Fairfield Ecological Design Center open house and fundraising gala on Saturday August 22 with Mayor Ed Malloy, Iowa State University Extension coordinator Lois Hunt, SLC founder Grover Stock and Go Green committee chair Bob Ferguson.

Enjoy a lively discussion with FF's eco-movers and shakers, doers and groundbreakers, who are raising funds to support an executive director position for Frank Cicela. Frank is responsible for much eco-growth in the community including facilitating the batteries and the wiring for the radio station's solar project. Lois talks abou Scott Timm who has been hired as sustainability coordinator in conjunction with Iowa State University Extension.