- Great Taste - 20110413 - Community Supported Agriculture, Fruit Trees & Fried Artichokes

Spring is here?  Well, close enough for us to showcase Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and the opportunities that abound locally and nationally.  The Asian greens pictured on this post come from a local CSA.  Asian greens are so simple and quick to serve plus they give a lot of nutrition back to us.  A fast and tasty method is to thinly slice some garlic and toss it into a pan that's been heated with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil.  Let the garlic soften over a medium low fire, but not brown.  After 2-3 minutes of cooking the garlic toss in the greens, hit them with a generous sprinkle of sea salt and use a tongs to mix them in the hot pan.  Cook until they are a bit wilted, but still maintain their bright color.  It only takes another 2-3 minutes.  Serve with a spritz of lemon or lemon zest on top and maybe a drizzle of olive oil.