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Earth ListeningEarth Listening

Poems by Becky Dennison Sakellariou

Hobblebush Books is proud to announce Volume Two of its Hobblebush Granite State Poetry Series, a book by Becky Dennison Sakellariou, whose New England roots have stretched overseas to Euboia, Greece, while nourishing her poetry and connection to both worlds.
Former New Hampshire Poet Laureate Patricia Fargnoli calls the poems “carefully crafted with astonishing phrases and beautiful language and rhythms. Earth Listening, with its depth, its explorations of love and loss, and its spiritual awareness, seems to me like one long prayer. I love this book.”
The poems in Earth Listening reflect the complex tapestries of the two very different worlds that Sakellariou inhabits. She says, “These poems also explore what I call the beginning of dying; the way our pores open to the world even more intensely as we age and as death appears more visceral around us. There is both the contradiction and balance, the push and pull of that continual ‘making sense of the world.’ ”
Earth Listening is released along with the first volume in the series: From the Box Marked Some Are Missing by Charles W. Pratt.“. . . With the authenticity of good narrative and a compelling lyrical grace, these poems are committed to showing us something of the world we have not yet seen.”
— Walter E. Butts, New Hampshire Poet Laureate

“Becky Sakellariou’s landscapes and mindscapes weave the scents, tastes and images of the beloved and lived . . . ”
— Adrianne Kalfopoulou, author of Passion Maps

"The older I get as poet, reader of poetry and human being, the more I crave a grown-up stance in literature; by that measure, from the first poem of Earth Listening to its last, I’m in the right company."
—Sydney Lea

Becky Sakellariou

About the Author

Becky Dennison Sakellariou was born and raised in New England and has lived all of her adult life in Greece. Since 2007, she has been “making her way home” to New Hampshire to live part of every year. With a BA in Literature from Antioch College and an MEd in Cross-Cultural Education from Lesley College, Becky has worked as a teacher, writer, editor and counsellor. She has taught university level writing, research, and literature in Greece, Albania and Bulgaria with diverse student bodies.
Over the past fifteen years, her poetry has been published in anthologies and journals. A finalist in five chapbook contests in the last two years, and nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Anthology twice, she won first prize in the 2005 Blue Light Press Chapbook Contest for her chapbook, The Importance of Bone. Her poem, “Bone,” won first prize in the Sow’s Ear Press Poetry Competition in January, 2009.
At present she is madly in love with her three grandchildren and can be found either in Peterborough, New Hampshire, where she is endlessly amazed at the clouds, the snow and the trees, or in Euboia, Greece, where she putters around her one acre among the olive, fig, almond, pomegranate, lemon, apricot and eucalyptus trees.