- Speaking Freely - 20110405 - Lawrence Roeck - Scott Eastwood

Lawrence Roeck is an accomplished director of feature films and documentaries. Most recently he directed the international art forgery movie Carmel-by-the-Sea starring Lauren Bacall, Alfred Molina, Hayden Panettiere and Josh Hutcherson. He also filmed Clint Eastwood for the Morgan Freeman narrated documentary produced by Warner Brothers. The Eastwood Factor.

Scott Eastwood, son of legendary actor and filmmaker, Clint Eastwood, is a film actor. Scott has appeared in the films Flags of Our Fathers, Pride, and Gran Torino. Lawrence and Scott are currently working on The Crags, an action thriller that will premiere in 2012. 

Seymour Fliegel is author of the book, Miracle in East Harlem. It is the story of how Mr. Fliegel took the lowest performing school in New York City's public school system and turned it into a model school. He currently heads the Center for Educational Innovation. Mr. Fliegel has twice been invited to the White House to be honored for his work in public education.