- Great Taste - 20110330 - Nepali Feast

Chef Mangal Tamang presents a dinner of typical Nepali food on our "live" broadcast from The Mainstay Inn this Wednesday.  Mangal is a Nepali native, graduate of the Indian Hills Culinary Program, and winner of an international cooking competition in Spain. 

The dinner is the first in our planned quarterly culinary extravaganzas that will serve as fundraisers for solar-powered and listener-supported KRUU. 

Here's what we'll be enjoying while you listen: [Click on the "Read More" link below]



Momo (Veg/Non Veg)

Mixed vegetable /chicken dumpling with fresh homemade tomato pickle, authentic flavor from the top of the world, Nepal

First Course


Deep fried lentil patties, Plain or with egg

2nd Course

Gundruck Dhindo

A common and popular porridge-type dish in Nepal, all regions and all seasons, made with maize (corn) flour and dried and fermented mustard leaves.


Nepali Dal Bhat, Masu,Tarkari

Basmati rice, chicken or vegetable curry, fried spinach and Nepali-style dal cooked with Nepali herbs



Rice pudding

Also, Pam Whitworth joins us  to share her insights about Nepal.  Pam has traveled to Nepal many times and is intimately familiar with its people, culture, and history.

Another GREAT TASTE intimately presented on the live stream at kruufm.com.  Tune in on Wednesday or catch us on the replay at 7:00 AM CST Friday.