1965 part 2

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    Mar 31
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    11:00 am
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    Apr 03
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herb alpert


I'm still reviewing the music of 1965, alphabetically, from Alpert, Herb [pictured] to Walker, Junior [not pictured].

So many artists were at their peak, and didn't know it: The Animals' "Don't bring me down" (which introduced a fuzz guitar), Roger Miller's "Kansas City Star" (almost excessively funny), The Kinks' "Tired of waiting" (a brilliant song that every guy can relate to). Bob Dylan's "Ballad of a thin man" (which could've been written today), and Otis Redding's "I can't turn you loose" (which was the definition of soul).

All 20 songs are here: http://kruufm.com/node/10086