Metal Health playlist for 2008-1-29

Judas PriestScreaming For VengeanceScreaming For Vengeance
Judas PriestYou've Got Another thing ComingScreaming For Vengeance
Judas PriestDeliverring The GoodsHell Bent For Leather
Judas PriestEvening StarHell Bent For Leather
Judas PriestHell Bent For leatherHell Bent For leather
Judas PriestThe Green Manalishi With The Two Pronged CrownHell Bent For Leather
Judas PriestKilling MachineHell Bent For leather
Judas PriestRunning WildHell bent For Leather
Judas PriestBefore The dawnHell bent For Leather
Judas PriestDiamonds And RustSin After Sin
Judas PriestFreewheel BurningDefenders Of The Faith
Judas PriestJawbreakerDefenders Of The Faith
Judas PriestRock Hard/Ride FreeDefenders Of The Faith
Judas PriestThe SentinelDefenders Of The Faith
Judas PriestLove BitesDefenders Of The Faith
Judas PriestSome Heads Are Gonna RollDefenders Of The Faith
Judas PriestThe RipperSad Wings Of Destiny
Judas PriestLiving After MidnightMetal Works
Judas PriestHeading Out To The HighwayMetal Works
Judas PriestBeyond The Realms Of DeathMetal Works
Judas PriestBreaking The lawBritish Steel
Judas PriestThe RageMetal Works
Judas PriestSinnerMetal Works
Judas PriestDissident AggressorSin After Sin
Judas PriestThe HellionScreaming For Vengeance
Judas PriestElectric EyeScreaming For Vengeance

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