Metal Health IS Back With A "Vengeance"

After taking a brief vacation over the holiday months, Metal Health is back to doing a Judas Priestlive show and has revamped it's format. We are now doing artist profiles on our tuesday spot and playing a more mainstream approach for the early morning crowd on saturday.
The first of our bands to be featured on our artist profile is the classic british metal band Judas Priest.Tonight we will be covering the albums from the bands most successful years including Screaming For Vengeance, Hell Bent For Leather, Defenders Of the Faith, Painkiller and Turbo. We will be covering such classic tracks such as Sinner, Love Bites, Turbo Lover, The Sentinel and many others. So as usual check us out tonight at 11pm for some of the best tracks that the metal scene has to offer. And if you don't think this show is going to rock then "You've Got Another Thing Coming".