Matt Dalio & Constance Brenneman on SF w/ Dennis Raimondi Thur 8am

Matt Dalio is the Founder of China Care Foundation, Inc and President of its Board of Directors. His passion for China started when he lived for a year in Beijing, China at the age of eleven. Even at a young age, Matt DalioConstance Brenneman was able to see the difficulties suffered by many special-needs Chinese orphans, and in 2000 at the age of 16, he founded an organization that would aid in giving these children a better future. Mr. Dalio is a graduate of Harvard University.

Constance Brenneman is currently an On-Air television host for My 64 Cincinnati, cable channel 11, and an intervention counselor working within an alternative school in the Ohio Public School System. She is completing a documentary on the Maharishi Effect, or Superradiance Effect called Waves of Peace. Constance has guest starred on the ABC TV shows "The Practice" (1997) and "Alias" (2001) and co-starred in the feature film Swing (2003/I), shot in the San Franscico bay area and directed by Martin Guigui.