Lyrical Venus: Focus on Female Singer-Songwriters Tues 9 AM

"Sometimes leaving is a joyful sign" - Girlyman, Joyful Signgirlyman

This week's dose of girl-power on Lyrical Venus is inspired by a "cheer up" mix I created for my former co-workers to combat the post-downsizing blues. Whether you've got the post-holiday blues, post-caucus blues, or a bit of the winter blahs, songs like The World's Not Falling Apart, Hold On, Looking Forward, I'll Be Alright, and Better Things let you know you are not alone, sometimes moving on is the best thing you can do, and whatever happens, things are going to get better!


Hi Heather, do you have a playlist for this show? I wanted to create an inspirational mix for a friend recently and realized how mellow/depressing/non-inspirational a lot of my music is!

Here it is!

Hey Missy, I just noticed this comment, so I don't know if you've found the playlist already or made the songlist already, but here it is: