Lyrical Venus: Female Singer-Songwriters Tues 9AM - Voices On The Verge

Voices On The Verge
You were the last in my twenty-fourth year
To make a demand of my voice
I tickled your ear and I laughed in your face
I gave you my choice
We were born to hum
We were born to hum

~Erin McKeown, Born to Hum

Voices On The Verge was the name of a tour with Rose Polenzani, Erin McKeown, Jess Klein, and Beth Amsel back in 2002. I was living in Boulder at the time and my roommate brought back a CD from their concert which was put into heavy rotation for the rest of my time there. Years later I was happy to re-discover this album, that I still loved the songs on it, and that all four ladies have gone on to release their own solo albums in the years since the tour. Tune in Tuesday at 9am to hear the full concert, plus a few of their newer songs!


ooh! can't wait for this one heather ;)*


Thanks Millicent!