Lyrical Venus: Female Singer-Songwriters Tues 9AM - Moon Songs

Dar Williams

Calling the moon
Cause I know what it’s worth
To tug at the seas and illumine the earth
Oh I am calling the moon
Dar Williams, Calling The Moon

Last week there was a full lunar eclipse and in honor of the occasion I've chosen 16 songs that have something or other to do with that luminous celestial body we call the Moon. Long associated with the feminine, the moon has provided all sorts of musical inspiration for the female singer-songwriters this week, like the twangy Fever Moon by Diana Jones, the dreamy Long Night Moon by Catie Curtis, the bubbly Catch the Moon by Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell, and the thumping My Moon My Man by Feist. Tune in and fill your ears with the light of their music!  Complete playlist here.

i missed your show too

but i have a personal friend of mine who is a female singer songwriter that is amazing...annie lemley is her name and she lives in boulder, colorado. we're in touch via myspace, but i'm getting a current email address for you so that you two can talk.