Lyrical Venus: Female Singer-Songwriters Thur 1pm - Women of Colombia!

"I'm here, loving you, drowning in you
between photos and notebooks
between things and memories
that I can't understand.
I'm driving myself crazy.
Mixing up my foot and my face,
the night and the day.
There's nothing I can do."
~ Shakira, Estoy Aqui (I'm Here)

Well, I might not quite be mixing up my foot and my face, but I'm definitely getting things all mixed up here in Barranquilla while trying to learn, speak and understand Spanish. It's only been a little over a week though, so I know I'll improve. One thing I'm NOT confused about is how much I LOVE the music I found by Colombian women to share with you this week! From Grammy winners to unsigned MySpacers, the artists this week write amazing stuff that I want to listen to again and again. Even if you can't understand the words, I hope you too will feel the passion in the music, enjoy the rhythms and fall in love with their voices. And I'll also provide a translation of the chorus of each song so you can get a flavor of the meaning behind it. Be sure to check this week's playlist for the websites for each of these ladies where you can find out more about their amazing life stories. (All but one of them all have English versions of their sites.)  See the complete playlist.


Listeners from all over! Thanks so much for tuning in! :)

Caught the tail end

and i really dug it. thank you for playing.

streaming across the oceans...

...the music of your show at this very moment, the women of south america where you are with your husband's family, how lovely, and learning spanish too!
just to let you know, we are listening way out across oceans of love and music!
millicent xo