Lyrical Venus

Eclectic folk, folk-rock, pop, indie, country, acoustic music, all by women artists
  • Wednesday 9-10am
  • Saturday 6-7am
The Lyrical Venus Hour shines the spotlight on female singer-songwriters from across the decades and around the globe. From Joni Mitchell to Ingrid Michaelson, Dar Williams to Rachel Ries, Anaïs Mitchell to Natalia Zuckerman, Ani DiFranco to Lori McKenna and plenty of Lilith Fair favorites, these women have a range of styles and stories that will make you think, soothe your soul or bring a smile to your face.
Look forward to eclectic mixes, themed shows, and interviews with up-and-coming artists!

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you are on sooo super early... i'm glad it's only about 9pm where i'm listening... 

love it... don't stop heather!


I'm listening from Lowell,

I'm listening from Lowell, Massachusetts, nice to hear ok. Felicitaciones. PD. Gilber is on the way....prrr...