- Local Yokels - 20070915 Corey Hickenbottom interviews Mayor Ken Mottet

Ken Mottet

Hey folks, Corey Hickenbottom here. Let me tell you about this fella Ken Mottet.

Ken Mottet lives in Chicago and is known as the Mayor of Rockabilly. Ken is the host of The Otherside, a music video show out of Chicago. He plays acoustic rythm guitar for the great honky-tonk, country boogie, western swing band, Gin Palace Jesters. He emcees rockabilly events all across the country. He's a former stand-up comic. He's a very cool cat. He is also from Fairfield.

On this Saturday's Local Yokels, I will be live in the studio with Ken Mottet. Ken will be performing live on the air. He's also bringing a copy of the nearly finished new album by Gin Palace Jesters! It's going to be a blast and I would recommend not missing it!

Further interview with Ken may appear on my regular show, Folkabillyrockblues.

Speaking of my show, Folkabillyrockblues is going to a new time. 10 AM until noon on Tuesdays. That's right, Folkabillyrockblues will now be two hours!