Listening to the Movies playlist for 2008-3-6

John WilliamsAbandoned And PursuedE.T. The Extraterrestrial
Dario MarianelliThe Half KilledAtonement - 2007
Come Back
Michael GiacchinoIs It Soup Yet?Ratatouille
A New Deal
Remy Drives A Linguini
Colette Shows Him Le Ropes
Maurice JarreThemeA Passage To India -1985
The Maravar Caves
Jonny GreenwoodOilThere WIll Be Blood
Proven Lands
Henry Mancini (Lyrics Leslie BricusseFriends To The EndTom and Jerry - The Movie
Danny ElfmanMain TitlesBlack Beauty - 1994
Baby Beauty
Trevor JonesThemeExcalibur - 1981
David ShireMrs. Grayle's ThemeFarewell, My Lovely - 1975
Amthor's Place
Danny ElfmanEnd CreditsSpiderman