Jukebox Boogaloo playlist for 2008-2-9

The ButterballsButterballs, Part 1
King HannibalThe Truth Shall Make You Free
The SandpebblesIf You Didn't Hear Me The First Time (I'll Say It Again)
Alvin CashLet's Do Some Good Timing
Harvey and the PhenomenalsSoul and Sunshine
Joe TexYou're Right Ray Charles
Ray CharlesThe Train
Effie SmithThat Telephone, Part 2
Guitar RayPatty Cake Shake
Billy Sha-RaeDo It
The ParliamentsThe Goose That Laid The Golden Egg
Bull & The MatadorsFunky Judge
Albert KingNight Stomp
James BrownPopcorn With a Feeling
J.J. BarnesChains of Love
Little Stevie WonderMonkey Talk
Rodger CollinsFoxy Girls in Oakland
Willie BoboBroasted or Fried
Soul GenerationMandingo Woman
Ruby & The Party GangHey Ruby Shut Your Mouth
Tommy DarkWobble Legs
Ulysses CrockettMajor Funky
Pigmeat MarkhamHere Comes The Judge
Cool HeatGroovin' With Mr Bloe
The FlirtationsNothing But a Heartache
The JB's LatinSpitting Image
Marsha Hunt(Oh No! Not) The Beast
Billy PrestonBilly's Bag
Jimmy SmithCat in a Tree Pt. 2
Ike TurnerFunky Mule
Ella FitzgeraldSavoy Truffle
Illinois ConnectionPo Boy's Dream
Dave "Baby" CortezBelly Rub, Pt. 2
The Soul TornadosBoot's Groove
Billy Guy and the Odds & EndsLooking Like a Nut-Nut
Jackie WilsonGet It
Little Hooks with Ray Nato & The KingsGive The Drummer Some
DeaconsSock It To Me