Jukebox Boogaloo playlist for 2007-10-30

Round RobinI'm The Wolfman
The Mighty El DukesFrankenstein's Den
New York DollsFrankenstein
Screamin' Lord SutchMurder in the Graveyard
The BeesVoices Green and Purple
Roky EricksonTwo-Headed Dog
The DupontsScreamin' Ball (at Dracula Hall)
Don Hinson and the RigamorticiansMonster Jerk
Lenny BruceBela Lugosi
Frankie Stein and His GoulsWho's Afraid of Weerdo Wolf
Big Bee KornegayAt The House of Frankenstein
Ken HamDead Cats
Coyle and SharpeWerewolf
Deadly OnesMonster Surfing Time
Bob McFadden and DorFrankie and Igor At a Rock and Roll Party
Bob McFaddenThe Mummy
Daniel JohnstonCasper The Friendly Ghost
Archie KingThe Vampires
Ken NordineStrollin' Spooks
Screamin' Jay HawkinsThe Feast of the Mau Mau
The SpecialsGhost Town
The Hollywood FlamesFrankenstein's Den
Mark Allen SmithThe Skeleton Fight
Os MutantesAve Lucifer
Jonathan RichmanVampiresa Mujer
Shelley Stuart and the Five StarVampire Husband
Francis E. DecGangster Computer God
Jonathan RichmanVampire Girl
Screamin' Jay HawkinsI Put a Spell on You
Jack The RipperI Was a Teenage Brain Surgeon
Sandy NelsonBeat From Another Planet
The Crazy World of Arthur BrownFire
Dr. JohnI Walk on Gilded Splinters