Jukebox Boogaloo

Vintage R&B, Soul, and Funk from the Palm at the End of the Mind.
  • Friday 12-2am

Broadcasting From Beneath The Underdog,

Keepin' You Mellow like jello,

Fine like Wine,

Colder than ice,

Hotter than spice,

Puttin' the dance in your pants,

Fillin' the hole in your soul,


Nothin' but the finest in 100% U.S. DJ choice,

Solid-Gold SUPERWAX!

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Oh yeah!

I'm really looking forward to this show!

I submit a Jukebox Boogaloo Haiku

Love the stacks of wax
All Killer with no filler
Lay it down baby!!!!!


Hope you liked the first show.


diggin the sweet heat from the beats tonight

rock ON