Joe Sugarman, Susan Nathan, Jerry Yellin & Udi Erdogan on Planet Erstwild Mon 1am-4am

Joe Sugarman


At 2:15pm, James talks with direct marketing gurOudu Joe Sugarman from Las Vegas. A top advertising and marketing entrepeneur, Joe will be in Fairfield Saturday October 4th & 5th at 9am for the launch of Maui Joe Coffee. He is working in conjunction with local businessman Cliff Rose. James is joined by infomercial indutry pioneer Tim Hawthorne, Chairman and Executive Creative Director of Hawthorne DIrect.

At 3pm, master oud player Udi Erdogan performs in the KRUU-FM studios. Enjoy a whirling dervish and Sufi concert at Cafe Paradiso Saturday October 4th at 8pm with Oudi aOther Side of Israelnd Friends. Sunday at the Church of the Holy Spirit at 1:30pm.

Jerry Yellin
At 3:30pm, James talks with author Jerry Yellin about his new book THE BLACKENED CANTEEN, which goes on sale today. The book is a histroy lesson for young people.

At 4pm, James speaks with author Susan Nathan about her book THE OTHER SIDE OF ISRAEL: My Journey Across Israeli/Arab Divide. She is in Canada today but will be speaking at the old Brick Church on Sunday evening in Iowa City.