Its KRUU on a bird, its KRUU on a plane, .. its KRUU on LISCO FIBER!!!!

UPDATE 1:41 am CST: Service has been switched over, stream experianced about 10 minutes down time, web and mail servers about 5 minutes. Because of the way the worlds DNS system works, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to be propogated around the world. Please let us know if you are experiancing any trouble accessing the website or live stream. Contact us here.


As we speak, the collective technical genius of the KRUU CREW is madly working to switch all our networks services over to the newly installed LISCO fiber. This service will be replacing our 2MB DSL service currently also provided by LISCO, but will be running at 100MB wire speeds, so we're looking at least a 50x increase in speed/bandwith... with that we'll have to push really hard to max out on live stream listeners and/or web&archive downloads. (Both of which we've maxed out in the past)

What this means tonight is that there could be intermittent outages of the network/website/live stream. Please be patient while our switchover happens. Everything should be good to go by early morning Friday.

A special thanks to LISCO for working hard to get our fiber service installed, they are truly creating an amazing thing by wiring our whole community with this next-generation technology. See: for info on LISCO's Fiber Fairfield buildout.



totally super, man. keep ROCKIN'!!