- Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - 20081026 - Joy Lyle MUM Reading


Joy Lyle


Joy Lyle, Joy Lyle, Joy Lyle! This was a live reading taped on
Wednesday night, October 15th at the MUM Library. Most of you chose to watch the presidential debate that evening. Hey, I'm cool. But the Ghost was there to record Joy's rockin' reading and it is offered thusly on the next episode of Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost, 10:30 am, Sunday, October 26th and 1:30 pm, Monday, October 27.

How to describe Joy's reading? Oh, I listened to it on a CD with my eyes closed as I was driving down Highway 34 to Oskaloosa and babycakes I could SEE! I'm here to tell the tale aren't I? And now it's your turn!

Joy is a grad of the Iowa Writer's Workshop and a professor at Indian Hills. She's published in such grand venues as Poetry Northwest and the anthology Leaves by Night, Flowers by Day
among others. She's putting together a collection of her poetry and WOW! is it going to be good. Give a listen! Do your most! Let's all tune in to Irving Toast!


My guitar and I share DNA. Behind its strings sometimes,

some evenings, I put words to it,

how I am “a rat in a cage”


though I don’t sing this very loudly

for fear of the neighbor’s terrier.


When I use the public bathroom in the wee

morning hours, I hear from the adjacent stall

a squealing like that of a puppy or a guinea pig

or a vampire squatting there, his leather


wings folded around him.

When I go back to sleep, I can’t,

and so the early morning hours and I


share the same whispering stars.

Then at 4:44 a.m. all the birds wake up

and start worshipping loudly and excitedly—


Methodists in their finest plumage—

call and response—hallelujah, brothers & sisters,

hallelujah, hal-le-lu-jah!


Verdant is the world in its ripeness.

--Irving Toast